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With colder weather beginning to set in, seniors may be at risk for illness or injury. Winter can worsen certain chronic diseases, spread sicknesses and create an injury-prone environment.

If an older adult in your life suffers from asthma or arthritis, colder weather is known to worsen their condition. It is important to make sure that any prescriptions or regimes they follow to combat these diseases are followed with amplified exactitude and seriousness during winter. This can help prevent accidents, pain and discomfort.

In January and February, everyone's favorite season begins: flu season! People 65 and older are especially at risk for catching the flu. The flu can affect your body for up to two weeks and is associated with more serious diseases like pneumonia and dehydration. The flu can also worsen chronic medical conditions. To prevent your loved one from getting the flu, there are several steps you can take. Your loved one should consider getting the flu shot and should also stick to their usual vitamin regime. Other suggestions include drinking a lot of fluids, wearing proper cold weather attire when outside and washing your hands consistently.

Aside from the illnesses that winter is known to carry with it, the snow and ice it also wields can cause injury and harm. Be prepared for the icy environment by wearing shoes with grips and installing railings or mats that could prevent falls.

Paying close attention to a medication or vitamin regime while taking a few extra steps can help prevent sickness and injury this winter. Put in the effort to ensure that this is a healthy winter for an older adult in your life.

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