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You have those holidays where you visit your parents or grandparents a few times each year, but is that enough? Is your senior loved one getting out a lot or have they isolated themselves? It's always a good thing to visit them other than the holidays to avoid social isolation. According to studies from the Journal of Health & Social Behavior, social isolation has been associated with a decrease in your overall health, cognitive decline, and increases your risk of getting an infection. The elderly is the most affected age group for social isolation. If you visit your loved one in need, it will improve their social and mental health. Here are five reasons why visiting your senior keeps them young and happy.

  1. By visiting you can check in out their overall health and well-being

Popping in once or twice a week is a good habit to start. You will be able to monitor your loved one's health and see if there is anything wrong with them or something is off about their normal routine. A weekly visit for a couple of hours can mean the world to them as well as being able to take care of them in case of an emergency.

  1. Avoid neglect and elder abuse

If you're only visiting your elder family member on the holidays and they live alone, there are signs that you could see that are signs of self-neglect, where they don't take care of themselves. You also want to make sure that their care provider is doing their job so your family member can live a safe and healthy life.

  1. Visits keep the elderly emotionally engaged

If your senior loved one is grieving over a loss or lives by themselves, it's crucial to visit them on a regular basis so they don't get trapped in their own grief. Sometimes the holidays can bring them down without having their significant other there. Keep their spirits high by spending some quality time with them.

  1. Relive those great memories

By visiting your elder family member, this gives them the chance to reminisce about the good times you all had and create new ones. It would be a good idea to bring back family game night but have it at grandma's or grandpa's house.

  1. Visits remind them that you love them

Of course they know that you love them and care about them, but putting in a little more effort in spending some quality time with them would make them very happy. Sometimes they need to see that you love them.

Your physical and social health are connected. Without both, you could lead down a rocky path. Relive and make new memories with your senior that they will cherish forever. They may look old on the outside, but you can keep them young on the inside.

Posted on 10/11/2015 in Companionship

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