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If you are traveling with your senior loved one, there could be some obstacles. They might be immobile or have a specific health condition such as Alzheimer's or a special heart condition. Make traveling easy again by following these tips for safe travels with the elderly.

For starters, it's always a good thing to consult with your senior family member's doctor for any extra tips you may need for your travels. You want to make sure that your loved one is cleared by their primary doctor in order to travel.

Talk to their doctor about any extra medications they may need and the best times for them to take their medication. Sometimes our normal schedule and routines become imbalanced, so it's always good to try to stick to your senior's schedule as much as possible.

When traveling anywhere it's always good to plan ahead. You might need to plan a few special services your senior may need such as a wheelchair at the airport or advanced boarding. Contact the airline personnel or your travel agent to make sure these services are available to you. You may also want to contact the hotel you will be staying at and make sure they have shower bars and wheelchair accessible rooms. When traveling in unfamiliar areas, it's always good to check out the nearest medical facilities in case of an emergency.

Make sure you pack any information regarding your senior's health insurance or any information their doctor has provided.

When traveling with a senior, it's best to be over prepared than underprepared. Lastly, be sure to plan a schedule that accommodates your loved one and fit in some down time if need be. Remember they aren't as young as they used to be so don't make them feel pressured or rushed to keep up the pace.

Posted on 11/05/2015 in Companionship

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