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There are many different pains that are more common as we age. A few common age-related pains include headaches, joint pain and lower back pain. Below are short descriptions of the symptoms of discomfort and ways to mitigate the pain.

Headaches are pretty common but can be more prevalent as we age. Some common causes of headaches include dehydration, stress and weather changes among others. Ways to lessen the pain include rubbing your temples or taking pain medication. If your headache persists you should contact your doctor.

Joint pain also becomes a bigger issue as we age. As we age our muscles and bone become more prone to injury. As a result, it is easier to feel pain in our joints and muscles. There are four things you can do to lessen the pain, rest, ice, compression and elevation. A short way to remember these is the acronym RICE.

Lower back pain is often a result of sitting for long periods of time or other medical conditions. One way to relieve lower back pain includes exercising regularly. Cardio is especially helpful for relieving lower back pain. Heating pads can offer some relief as well.

Age-related pain affects millions of Americans. The above suggestions can help you provide some relief. Home health care agencies, like Home by Choice, are staffed with professionals who can assist you or your loved one take care of their bodies.

Posted on 03/21/2016 in In-Home Care

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