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Everyone values their freedom to be self-sufficient and independent. As a person gets older, they begin to lose that ability.

When it comes to traveling, and especially driving, your senses are not as acute as they once were. People are willing to give up a lot of things, but giving up driving is often the last part of what makes them independent. So it is often a challenge to make this sacrifice.

If you notice your senior loved one having more trouble driving, it might be the time to have that talk about hiring a caregiver to assist in taking your family member on their daily errands. Some of the telltale signs are trouble seeing, seeming to be distracted on the road, getting lost in familiar places, failing to stop at red lights, scrapes or dents on the vehicle or poor judgement on the road.

We understand it can be difficult to discuss this matter with your family member, but it is best not to avoid it, so you can keep them and others safe on the road. If these signs sound similar to your situation then you want to talk with your senior loved one about an alternative way of getting around town. The primary goal is to make sure they are safe.

It may be better to have this kind of conversation before the first incident occurs in order to be more prepared once the time actually comes. It also doesn't catch seniors off guard, and they are more aware of the situation that will have to happen in the future. If they are forced to give up their license, you want to make sure this is a smooth transition. You can help them out by driving to the necessary places yourself or helping them out with the local bus routes.

These types of conversations will never be easy, but at the end of the day it's important to maintain the safety of your loved ones.

If your senior loved one needs help getting around town, you can have Home By Choice help with that. We offer a variety of services including necessary transportation to grocery stores, shops, etc.

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