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There are many ways to ensure that caregivers are assisting their loved ones in a positive way throughout the aging process. Ensuring your loved one is comfortable, creating a calm environment and offering your loved one options will allow them to enjoy a sense of independence.

Make sure they are comfortable. Help them to participate in activities that they enjoy. This could include painting or reading a book. These activities can also help your loved ones relax.

Create a calm environment for the person under your care. When you create a calm environment for them think of calming music and calming colors. Maybe implement earth tones on the walls of their room and even in your other home decor.

Offer your loved one options when asking them questions. You can give them options when asking about which activities they want to do, what they would like to eat and when they would like to shower. Asking instead of telling allows them to feel as if they have some control and an acknowledged opinion in the situation.

The above ways will allow you to assist your loved ones to stay happy during the aging process. Look to home health care agencies, such as Home by Choice, to assist in these activities and more.

Posted on 02/08/2016 in In-Home Care

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