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Preparing for an upcoming doctor's visit for your elderly loved one can seem like a daunting task. In order to make the most out of the doctor's visit make sure to bring a list of symptoms, medications and everyday habits.

Sit down with your loved one to assist them in creating a list of their current symptoms. Symptoms include how you are feeling as well as any physical pain you are experiencing. The more specific you are the more helpful it will be when sitting down with the doctor. Things to include in addition to the description of the symptom include when the symptom started and how long it lasted and what activities make the symptoms more painful.

Medications often have long names that are difficult to remember. Before going to the doctor, go through medications and make a list of all prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and other supplements, and anything else that might be relevant. In addition to knowing all medications know the dosages, how often the medication is taken and any side effects that may occur.

Everyday habits often come up during doctor's visits. These include where your loved one lives, what activities they do during the day, whether they drive or take other modes of transportation, and drinking and smoking habits.

Other things to remember when going to the doctor include insurance cards, important family contact information, and the phone number for your pharmacy. Home health care agencies like Home by Choice are here to help. Home by Choice can assist with transportation and other important activities like grocery shopping.

Posted on 04/12/2016 in In-Home Care

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