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Hiring a caregiver for your elderly family member is a delicate and difficult process. You are not only searching for a well-qualified individual, but also someone you feel will truly respect and care for your loved one. During this process there are several crucial questions you should ask yourself and the potential caregiver.

First, start with someone or a company that has been referred to you. The best tactic is to go through a licensed agency that screens their employees in-depth beforehand. You may want to ask about this hiring process specifically, such as what their recruiting methods are, what do they look for in an employee, what are some mandatory qualifications and how exactly do they screen employees.

You should then begin to consider their experience. Ask if the agency provides its employees with additional training or education throughout their time. At this time you also may want to ask how they handle accidents, difficult situations or unhappiness between the caregiver and the client. Does each employee report to a supervisor and how is their work evaluated? You should ask about insurance coverage at this time as well.

However, aside from qualifications, the most important factor is the gut impression you receive when you meet a potential caregiver. Do they seem like they truly care? Will they have your loved one's best interest in mind? Will your loved one enjoy their company? At the end of the day, what's most important is your elderly loved one's health and happiness. That factor should come before all else.

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Posted on 03/29/2015 in In-Home Care

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