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There are a few things that you can do to make your home more accommodating for a senior. The best advice is to begin preparing your home in advance if you know a senior will be staying with you. Renovations take longer than anticipated, more often than not, so preparing early will make it as stress free as possible.

One home adaptation to think about is mobility into your home and around your home. This includes making sure doorways are large enough for wheelchairs to maneuver through. Also make sure there are clear paths throughout your house. Reducing clutter is one of the first steps to making your home senior friendly.

Make sure that there are handholds installed throughout your house. Handholds are especially important when there are steps in the front of your house or inside of it. Also, install handholds in bathrooms so that your senior is able to shower without a fear of falling.

Home health care agencies, like Home by Choice, are well equipped with the knowledge of how to make homes senior friendly. Ensuring that your loved one is in a safe and comfortable environment well ensure their happiness and your peace of mind.

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