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Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether your loved one should be put into a nursing home or to get them in home care. It is easier to make the decision once you are informed about each of them and what their benefits are. One offers the benefit of being in a familiar setting while the other offers more detail-oriented care.

A nursing home provides skilled care to the elderly in a licensed and insured location. A nursing home is a plausible option if your loved one is unable to live independently and requires nursing help regularly. The services that are provided by a nursing home include nursing and personal care, recreational activities, room and board, and medication distribution. Nursing homes provide care to patients with all types of illnesses, not only mental disabilities. Some of the disadvantages of living in a nursing home are the staff to patient ratios, no choices you are told when and what to eat, what time to go to bed and what time to get up and even what day and time you will have a shower.

In-Home care designates a licensed worker to help your loved one in their own home and provide the daily help that they need. Some services that are provided by in-home care are assistance with medications, showering, toileting, dressing, cooking, light housekeeping and escorts to appointments and shopping. If you have a private caregiver thru a licensed home health care agency (This is not true for a Nurse Registry) the agency can supervise the caregiver to make sure that the client is having all their agreed upon services completed during the home visit. By staying at home the client can choose their schedule and living preferences.

Each patient is different, so be sure to take your loved one's situation and preferences into consideration when making your choice.

Posted on 07/21/2014 in In-Home Care

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