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At its core, nearly every type of healthcare can be broken into two categories: Proactive and reactive. Reactive healthcare is the model we are most familiar with. It maintains that when we experience a symptom, malady or accident, we "react" by going to our local health facility and the appropriate care team responds accordingly. Conversely, the proactive model seeks to fix these problems before they arise. It's the difference between creating a program to stop a patient from smoking before they exhibit health problems vs. treating a patients cancer in the future. It's the essence of the old adage "an apple a day".

No doubt, there needs to be a balance as we can't anticipate all of our future challenges but, as the tools and technologies advance, proactive care is widely becoming the more attractive approach in healthcare circles. Specifically, as it pertains to senior and elderly care, a proactive approach can make a world of difference in increasing quality of life and decreasing healthcare costs during an already demanding time.

Four of the ways Home by Choice has implemented a proactive approach to our elderly in-home care are:

  1. We begin with a free in-home consultation, which includes suggestions on identifying potential safety hazards and health considerations. This consultation not only allows us to get to know our clients and provide professional advice. More importantly, it allows us to create a well informed, tailor-made care plan for our clients and their loved ones.
  2. Caregivers are instructed and provided the tools to report their concerns and/or observations. This is important because many of our patients are used to self-sufficiency and don't want to create unnecessary concern (some of the challenges that lead to a reactive culture in the first place). Without the careful eye of a trained, professional observer small, unaddressed problems can manifest into much larger conditions down the road. Passive health monitoring, like this, can facilitate early illness detection without intruding on the client's privacy or comfort.
  3. Caregivers are instructed to immediately report changes of condition. Changes in condition can occur suddenly or gradually over a period of time. Our caregivers are provided with the tools and support to report changes in condition to us. These changes may require a review and or revision of the care plan that has been established to ensure our clients continue to receive the care they need.
  4. We work closely with families and physicians to ensure a collaborative approach to care. We will be the first to admit that we don't have all the answers, but in conjunction with clients loved ones and health care personnel we will develop a plan to match our their needs with evidence-based interventions.

Using a proactive approach to senior care is just one of the ways that Home by Choice is staying on the cutting edge of our market. We will continue to implement the best practices and latest technologies in the industry to ensure that we deliver the highest quality care possible. We feel that this is one of the main reasons our agency has been nominated the "Best of the Best" by the residents of Gainesville for the past two years running. If you have a loved one in need and are considering in-home care, we would love to speak with you. Give us a call today.

Posted on 02/16/2018 in In-Home Care

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