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With an aging population, home healthcare is poised to be one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry, if not the fastest among all industries. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that the compound annual growth rate for home healthcare services would be approximately 5% over the next decade, making it the highest among all industries surveyed. That type of growth will not only lead to great benefits like increases in efficiency and new jobs but it will also bring new entrants to the industry with a sole interest in maximizing profit and cutting costs. It is for this reason, and a few more discussed below, that we urge you to support established, local, owner-operated home healthcare businesses.

Why support local business?

Invest in your community

Local businesses are owned by our friends and neighbors. They are the people we see every weekend at church or the park. They are the reasonable voice in the town hall meeting. They are the men and women willing to stand up for their community because they are so heavily invested in it and are also the ones that aren't likely to leave anytime soon. Their taxes, like ours, go to supporting the more efficient use of local public services which leads to things like better safety, better education and better transportation for our families. Local business owners have the same concerns and dreams for the community as we do and sincerely care about its future. Studies have shown that when we support independent, locally-owned businesses a far greater proportion of funds go back to the community, through their support of other local business and service providers. Additionally, they donate nearly twice as much to local nonprofits than their corporate competitors.

Support local prosperity

On a national scale, small businesses account for the vast majority of employment. Put simply, supporting small business leads to more jobs locally. More local jobs mean more money spent in our city, ultimately leading to more local prosperity and success, which is good for everyone.

Get better service

It's been said that the first commandment of customer service is: "know thy customer". Who knows us better than our friends and neighbors. Local businesses serve us like their reputation is on the line because-it is. If you want the best service, you can't beat local.

Why Home By Choice?

Home by Choice has been serving the Gainesville area since 2008. Locally owned and operated by John Markham and Sally Dahlem with over 40 years combined experience in home healthcare, assisted living, long-term care, and the medical equipment industries. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our senior community and have won Gainesville Sun's Best of the Best Award for the past 2 years. Think of us as experts in the family.

Are you considering in-home care? We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Posted on 01/19/2018 in In-Home Care

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