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There are many reasons why seniors might have a small appetite. Included in this list are little activity, poor oral health, side effects from medication and other medical issues.

Serve your loved ones foods that they actually enjoy eating. This may involve weekly or daily conversations about what foods they want to eat more of in their diet. Their favorite foods may change often based on how they are feeling and which foods they are most comfortable eating.

Soft foods and blended shakes and smoothies serve as great meals for seniors. Some options of soft food include sandwiches on soft bread and soups. Blended shakes and smoothies are great meal replacements. Fruit and veggies mixed with milk or ice are easy to prepare and easy for seniors to enjoy. You can also use frozen fruit and veggies instead of fresh ones because it is often more cost effective.

If your loved one claims to be full after a few bites or not hungry to begin with, simply try again later. They could be experiencing discomfort at the moment. They may be more willing and open to eating at a later time.

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