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While visiting family during the holidays, it may become clear that a parent of yours needs extra care and attention. It’s common for siblings to disagree on the type of care this parent requires. We have developed a few tips on how to work with your siblings to choose the best option for your parent.

First, it's best to have a sibling-only meeting. Try to do this before your parent's situation gets worse. Each sibling should be given the opportunity to speak his or her mind about what they think the parent's needs are and how those will be best met. Once everyone has spoken, compile a prioritized list of the agreed-upon needs.

After you and your siblings have developed a unified front on the situation, you need to speak with your parent about his or her wants and needs. To make this life transition as easy as possible, you need to approach this with the utmost compassion and sensitivity. This process ensures that the parent's needs are met, nothing is overlooked, sibling arguments are avoided and the elder is provided care through the option in his or her best interest.

If your parent would like to remain in the comfort of his or her own home or retain his or her independence, in-home care would meet these requests best. Also, if your family and your siblings' families live far away from mom or dad, this option provides the elderly with assistance when you're not there.

Posted on 12/18/2014 in In-Home Care

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