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Reliability and consistency are important to make sure that the senior is receiving services they are supposed to be receiving. Agencies have systems in place to assure clients that this happens. Home Health Care agencies can have employees, however, Nurse Registries cannot.

One must make sure when you are looking at companies to provide services that you look at their license number to see if it starts with HHA. This means that they are a Home Health Agency, but if it starts with a NR, then they are a Nurse Registry. There is a big difference.

Nurse Registries cannot have employees because all their caregivers are subcontractors. You are relying on each individual caregiver to maintain liability insurance, file taxes and show up for appointments. Home Health Care Agencies can have employees. There are systems in place to make sure they are supervised and have agency employees as backups.

Posted on 11/05/2014 in In-Home Care

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