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Retired and not as fit as they once were, the elderly's lives often times lack enough activities to keep them busy during the day. With so much spare time, it can be easy to become discouraged, unmotivated or plain bored. However, there are many hobbies an older adult could pick up and subsequently fall in love with to add that extra excitement to their life. Below are a few examples of common hobbies and interests for older generations:

Helping an older adult add an extra interest or two to his or her life will give them inspiration, goals to work toward and days filled with productivity. As people age, younger generations tend to erroneously believe that older adults write off learning or obtaining new skills with retirement. This assumption is entirely incorrect. We continue to learn throughout life, and rarely does the desire to learn dwindle with age. As a result, we should persistently strive to help bring renewed meaning to the lives of our elderly loved ones.

Posted on 02/15/2015 in Companionship

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