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As our family members grow older, we see the dynamic of holidays begin to change. Our loved ones may take a back seat in the kitchen they habitually commanded. They might not be as mobile as they once were and can no longer keep up with grandchildren. Maybe they've lost interest in traditions because of a missing loved one. It is vital to the well being of our loved ones to make the holidays feel special despite these changes. We have a few simple ideas to help make this holiday season special in a new way.

It's common that the older family members are responsible for the dishes that have become tradition at your holiday table. If a family member no longer has the energy or ability to complete holiday meal prep, another family member could make that dish according to the traditional recipe and under the direction of the older family member. If grandpa can't run around with the grandchildren anymore, encourage them to do what grandpa can do. Some such ideas are playing board games, watching grandpa's or grandma's favorite holiday movie or simply keeping them company.

If an older family member becomes disheartened toward holiday traditions because of the loss of a spouse, then create new traditions. For example, switch up your usual seating arrangements, decorate the house in a new way, invite close friends to attend or cook new dishes. Sometimes these can become even more special than the original traditions.

From all of us at Home By Choice, have a blessed and happy holiday season!

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