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With more seniors choosing home care versus going to a nursing home, you have to make sure that both your household and theirs take the necessary steps to making the home safe and senior friendly.


When it comes to the kitchen you want utensils and other kitchen appliances to be easy for seniors to access to prevent falls. For starters, commonly used items such as bowls, cups and plates should be stored in cupboards that are easy to reach. Having kitchen utensils with a wider grip and contrasting colors is good for your friend or family member to use without trouble. With kitchen utensils having contrasting colors it will be easy for seniors to distinguish between what may be a fork and a cutting knife. If your kitchen has high countertops make sure you have stools next to the counter so they won't have to stand. To make it easier to transport food and drinks look into getting a walker trolley so they can help bring out dishes for a nice Sunday dinner.

Living Room

Your living room is considered the common area for the whole family to relax and enjoy. Make sure it is very open and well lit for seniors. In fact, compared to a young adult, 80-year-olds need three times more light. If you have a large rug in your living room, we have a household hack for you. Attach the rug to your floor with double-sided tape. For electronic devices such as TV remotes, have one with larger buttons so it will be easier to see. When it comes to electrical plugs and cords make sure they are not tangled up or long cords that could cause someone to trip and fall. Try using a power strip if you can.


If a family member is staying the night it's always good to take the necessary precautions to avoid any falls or other accidents during the night. For the bed you can get an detachable bed rail to help your family member easily get in and out of bed at night. Be sure to have the nightstand and lamp close to the bedside to make it easier to turn on. Another lighting alternative would be to leave a nightlight on to help light up the bedroom just enough for them when they need to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.


The two most important things to have in your bathroom are skid-free mats and grab bars. When the floors are wet after a nice shower there are risks for a slip or two. Having these two products in your home will help prevent any accidents. Another great gadget to have is a shower bench. If you already have one attached to the shower then great, if not they have shower benches that you can buy that stand freely. Having these appliances in the bathroom will give them support and they will be able to maneuver through the bathroom at ease. Placing a nightlight in the bathroom would be helpful too for those bathroom trips in the middle of the night. They give off just enough light to guide you to the right place without getting hurt.

With these tips and household hacks you will be sure the next time grandma or grandpa come to visit you will be prepared.

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