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As we grow older, we appreciate the non-material things more than the material. Many people also lose the loves of their lives as they age. This Valentine's Day give an elderly loved one what they need most: attention, companionship and love.

Spending time with the elderly is not only the best but also the most affordable gift you could give an older adult this year. If an elderly person in your life has lost a loved one, maybe continue the traditions they shared with their spouse. It's also a good idea to get the grandchildren involved. Baking yummy treats at home is a good way to spend quality time with each other, while homemade valentines from the little ones are much more appreciated than store-bought cards. Also, planning a family brunch or outing will get the whole family involved.

However, if you would like to treat an elderly person in your life to something small, we have a few ideas to share. Remember, the elderly appreciate practical gifts more than the extravagant so don't over think it. For those with bad eyesight, audiobooks and magnifying glasses are great gifts. Blankets, robes and stamps are also items used frequently by older people and will always be much appreciated. Lastly, flowers or a framed photo are cherished by anyone of any age.

While a thoughtful gift goes a long way, what the elderly want and need most is your time and company. Don't forget to show an older adult just how much they mean to you this Valentine's Day.

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