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In any setting employees are really the faces of a company. You can have great owners but it is the people interacting daily with clients and customers that make the difference.

And while employees are the focal point in any business or enterprise, there may be no greater situation where that is true than it is in a home health agency. At Home by Choice the owners, John and Sally, take great effort to offer the best possible staff to their clients, and the staff members are truly dedicated to those they serve.

Home by Choice only employs warm and compassionate caregivers and home companions. Honesty, dependability and personal character are all critical. Additionally staff members must undergo thorough reference checks and complete a Level 2 background screening.

But that just gets them hired.

Recently one staff member celebrating one year of employment took the time to thank John and Sally.

Thank you for all of your time spent helping me this past year, she wrote in a thank you card. I really enjoy working for this company, and I am truly grateful to have you (Sally) and John as my employer.

With dedicated staff like that, it's no wonder Home by Choice enjoys its sterling reputation.

Posted on 05/11/2015 in In-Home Care

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