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It is important to caregivers that they achieve friendship and companionship with their clients. In-home aids understand the uneasiness and apprehensiveness that clients may feel when welcoming a new person into their home. Introducing a caregiver into a senior's household may evoke worries such as fears of losing privacy or independence, and qualms of theft or distrust. However, caregivers seek to completely mitigate such worries and to earn complete trust with our clients.

In-home aids strongly believe that it is vital for their clients to feel in control in the caregiver-client relationship. Caregiver training stresses the importance of showing complete respect for our clients. In-home assistants strive to never appear agitated or demeaning, and always address their clients with calm and kind behavior. Caregivers provide clients with the space and time to feel relaxed with their new guest at home. Overtime, caregivers hope that a mutual friendship can be adopted and that clients understand that they are loved and cared for by their in-home helpers.

In-home aid is more than personal assistant, but also an affectionate companion. Outings to the store, card games, outside relaxation, and other everyday activities are offered by caregivers and help our clients grow a friendship with them. The ultimate goal Home By Choice's caregivers is to provide your loved one with a caring and respectful friend to be there for them in their home.

Posted on 06/04/2014 in Companionship

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