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Most of us know that Medicare is a health insurance program. As caregivers, it is also important to know the parts of the program. Becoming knowledgeable about the four parts of the Medicare program can allow you to ensure that you are able to provide your loved one with the best care.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program. The program benefits Americans who are 65 and older. Disabled Americans under the age of 65 may also be covered in some cases.

The first part of the Medicare plan is Part A. Part A covers services and supplies that are needed to treat a disease or condition. This includes hospital care, home health services, medical supplies, Hospice care, blood transfusions and mental health treatment given in a hospital.

The second part of the Medicare plan, Part B, covers doctor's bills. This includes regular appointments, ambulance rides, medical supplies and equipment, and mental health care that does not require an overnight hospital stay. Physical, speech and occupational therapy are also covered under Part B.

Part C, the third part of the Medicare plan is also called Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans are purchased from private insurance companies. These insurance plans have to be approved by Medicare. If you choose to enroll in Medicare Advantage, the benefits that you receive from Part A and Part B now come from the Medicare Advantage plan.

The last part of the Medicare plan, Part D covers part of the cost of prescription drugs. There are many different Part D plans that are offered and depend on other insurance. Medicare recipients will pay a monthly premium and a portion of the drug costs.

Knowledge of the parts of the Medicare plan will allow you to help your loved one make the most of the benefits and services that they can receive from Medicare.

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