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Daily hygiene is an important part of everyone's routine. We often do not think of the effort that it takes to brush our teeth or wash our face. Sometimes the elderly need some assistance with their daily routine. Below are ways that you can assist your loved one without making them feel as if they are dependent on you.

One way you can assist with daily hygiene is to put things within reach. This includes things like jewelry and hair clips. Putting things within reach allows your loved one to feel as if they are independent and capable of doing things by themselves.

As a caregiver, always supervise while the elderly bathe. This is extremely important so that you can see if they need assistance. Put non-slip bathmats in the bathroom to ensure that they do not fall while getting out of the tub or shower. Also, if balance is an issue, you can install handrails in the shower or tub. Shower chairs can also be used.

The elderly may also need assistance with dressing. You can try to let your loved one put on their clothing and then assist them with buttons and zippers. Also, you can purchase clothing that is easy to put on. This may include button-up shirts that don't require going over their head or pants with an elastic waistband.

Look into home healthcare agencies like Home by Choice for help with personal care and other services. Home by Choice employs licensed caregivers who treat clients with respect and dignity. We can help your loved one with their daily hygiene routine as well as other services.

Posted on 05/09/2016 in In-Home Care

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